What is Assisted Living?

This is when those with limited mobility (often caused by old age or another condition) or a disability require a little help with some of their day to day activities. Some examples of this may include rails to help with using the toilet or a rollator to assist with walking. There are a vast range of products that would fall under this category, from a simple walking stick to more complex solutions, depending on the issues faced.

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In the past, there has been relatively low options available to individuals who need or consider support with care and mobility. However, the rapidly ageing population in the UK has resulted in many new, innovative developments and solutions for different types of care needs and individuals, including My Assisted Living, your one stop shop for daily living aids and care related products.

We understand that decisions affecting your lifestyle and independence can be overwhelming, our aim is to make the experience less stressful and ensure your requirements are met by sourcing the best, market leading products from the top manufacturers in the industry and making these available to you at extremely competitive prices. Our customer service team are always happy to help with advising products and equipment.

My Assisted Living is designed particularly for those with limited mobility or a disability, family carers, care homes and the elderly. If you are seeking daily living and mobility aids to help with caring for an adult or child, individuals with an impairment, or to aid yourself, My Assisted Living is the perfect place to find what you are looking for.

We are dedicated to improving the lives of the elderly, those with mobility issues or disabilities and their carers by helping them live their day-to-day lives with freedom through our comprehensive range of daily living aids. Our range of products reflect the needs of those who require support with care and mobility to help individuals develop and maintain maximum independence. We only work with the best suppliers to ensure your health, safety and well-being.

My Assisted Living offers a wide and diverse range of options and products to suit different levels of care. Daily living aids and care related products include bathroom aids, profiling beds, specialist chairs and seating, household aids and equipment, medical aids, mobility equipment, moving and handling equipment, physiotherapy products, toilet aids and supports, and wheelchairs and scooters. Whether you require daily living aids as a resident of an assisted living facility, in a nursing home, to aid your disability, or are recovering from an illness, injury or recuperating from surgery, choose My Assisted Living to provide the best service and products to assist with all activities of daily living and enhance your daily life.

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